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Foot Healt

One of the most important issues that is going to run and run in our day is the permanent health problems caused by shoes and slipper that contain toxic chemicals. These shoes threaten our foot health seriously. Thus, we need to choose products that are produced from healthy raw materials and apply food care. While buying a new shoe or slipper, make sure you choos the ones that contains the open name and address of its manufacturer or exporter. Remember that the darker the colour of especially plastic, textiles and leather products is, the more they contain dye materials. Pay attention to the instructions on the labels or the catalogues. Especially if you are allergic, you should act more carefully in choosing a product. Pay attention to not to wet or sweat your foot. If possible, wear your shoe alternately with another one by ventilating. Be attentive to not to wear some other person’s shoes or slippers. Do not forget that feets are organs that everyone must car efor in their daily life that have a complicated system that containssmall but efficient bones, thin muscles and tendons and dozens of joint surfaces. Do you know that shoes are the bottom organs of our body and they contain 52 of the total 214 bones of our body and we take 8 to 10 thousand steps Daily on average? If you care enough for your feet that carry you lifelong, GÜZEL POLI will help you.